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TPMS Service

TPMS Service in Hendersonville, NC

In the United States, passenger vehicles model year 2007 and up are required to have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for safety purposes. True to its name, the TPMS monitors the air pressure levels in your tires. When one or more tires are underinflated, your TPMS alerts you with a dashboard warning light.

The TPMS comes in two varieties: direct TPMS (dTPMS) and indirect TPMS (iTPMS). City Tire Service works with both kinds. We can repair or replace sensors if you have TPMS problems or reset the warning light in the event of an incorrect trigger.

Direct TPMS vs Indirect TPMS

Direct TPMS: Most vehicles have a dTPMS. In this system, each tire gets its own sensor located either on the inside or outside of the tire.  Each sensor reports to your on-board computer. A dTPMS often uses a battery and has a limited lifespan. Most systems only record data when your vehicle is running to make the battery last longer. 

Indirect TPMS: An iTPMS monitors each tire's rotational speed to determine whether or not a tire is at proper inflation levels. This is because an underinflated tire has an overall diameter that is less than a, properly inflated tire. As a result, the underinflated tire needs to rotate faster to cover the same distance as the other tires. If the iTPMS identifies a tire rotating at a different speed, it will alert you that there is an inflation problem. Your iTPMS may also be able to catch overinflated tires since they rotate more slowly than the other tires.

Why Fix or Install a TPMS?

  • Safety: Receiving a warning as soon as you get a flat tire gives you more times to react.
  • Tire Life: Underinflated tires wear out faster and don't have as good a defense against road hazards; you can improve the life of your tires if you keep their psi levels in check.
  • Tire Performance: A properly inflated tire provides better wet and dry handling; underinflated tires make it easier to hydroplane, crash from a tire blowout, or skid on a curve.

If you need TPMS assistance, contact City Tire Service today. We help drivers across Hendersonville, NC, Brevard, NC, Asheville, NC, and surrounding areas keep proper track of tire inflation levels. We have new TPMS sensors if you need a replacement, and we provide diagnostic and troubleshooting service if you suspect a problem with your dTPMS or iTPMS. Give us a call today at (828) 692-8244, or contact us for more information.

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